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This is helpful for platform-specific builds, but unfortunately code placed within these directives will still execute in the editor’s play mode (which is, of course, where 98% of testing happens).Another approach involves checking a global variable like before doing anything editor-specific, but this is less than ideal should you have hundreds of active scripts in your scene (the performance cost of calling Update() on that many components, even if that function contains only one boolean comparison, can add up surprisingly fast).If you want to make a serious program, however, C# is what I use and recommended as it's got strong typecasting and your options (and ability to import libraries) are more versatile.

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Scripting is an essential part of unity as it defines your games behavior.You will see a new menu tab named "NOT_Lonely" after the script compilation.Hotkeys I use in this script: Shift D - Deselect all; Shift 1 - Create a Cube in front of the scene camera; Shift 2 - Create a Point Light in front of the scene camera; Shift 3 - Create a Spotlight in front of the scene camera; You can also modify this script by adding your own shortcuts. Download Extended By the way, you can check out this awesome Unity asset that has much more functionality than my script: Handy Tools by Nitras Interactive.You must click on the skybox or an empty area in the hierarchy or project window to deselect objects, but that's really uncomfortably.Unfortunately, Unity has a very limited hotkey list by default and we can't add other actions and keys from the settings menu.