Outlook vba updating access table

But what happens when they issue the file next month, and the file name changes from “Pricelist-” to “Pricelist-”? Every month, Acme trading send us an updated price list for all the consumables used at Data Numen.

The first thing that will happen is your link will break, so you’ll have to manually update it. So that we know how much we’ll be spending on stationary each month, we link to that file in our office management database.

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I would like to enter a date into the Excel Date Completed field in the Excel linked tbl and have it update the Access Date completed field.

Is the problem I have related to the fact the Excel file is a "Template"......which is after completion saved under a different name ?

If a library is marked MISSING, click the Browse button, and locate the correct file for the library.

The trouble is, even though the format of the file stays the same, the file name changes every month.

Last month it was “stationary costs Jan 2017.xls”, this month it’s “stationary costs Feb 2017.xls”.

Table Defs(table Name) 'format of the connection string in our case, for example, is: ' Excel 5.0; HDR=YES; IMEX=2; DATABASE=File name including path and extension type new Connect = "Excel 5.0; HDR=YES; IMEX=2; DATABASE=" & new File Name obj Table Def. Refresh Link Set obj Table Def = Nothing Set obj DB = Nothing End Sub As you can see, we pass the (linked) table name, along with the name of the new file that the table should be linked to.

The file name should include the full path to the file.